Products and Services for the Paper and Pulp Industry

Products and Services for the Paper and Pulp Industry

Whether it is responding to the latest regulations for safe operation, or addressing any other changing need, we help to maximize the value of industrial plants.

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April 1, 2016
Updated case studies are available.  PT. Aspex Kumbong
March 1, 2016
Products and Services for the Paper and Pulp Industry

Maximizing the Value of Industrial Plants with Products that Solve Problems

As the era of mass production shifts to that of high functionality and high-mix low-volume production and further on to globalization, the implementation of more thorough quality (Q), cost (C), and delivery (D) management is required for paper and pulp manufacturing. Also, in addition to environmentally (E) sound management to ensure a sustainable society, the industry needs to improve safety (S), and standardize and systematize the personal knowledge (K) that will otherwise be lost when long-term skilled employees retire.

In recent years, material and fuel costs have soared while the use of paper is decreasing due to digitization. In this environment Azbil is hard at work providing solutions in the form of a diverse array of products and services, particularly in the areas of measurement and control, to help meet the major challenges (Q, C, D, E, S, K) faced in the field of paper and pulp manufacturing, and to find ways to maximize the value of paper and pulp plants.

< Examples of Plant Improvement Proposals >

  • Smart valve positioners that can be used with rotary valves for reliable operation and optimal maintenance
  • Safety switches for safer operation in the field
  • Better control room design for increased operator awareness

Based on its "human-centered" ideal, Azbil offers help for improving productivity, value creation, safe and reliable operation, business continuity planning, human resource development, skill transmission, and more.

Products for the Paper and Pulp Industry

Case Studies

Listed below are customers from the paper and pulp industry.
Case studies of products and services provided by Azbil Corporation and other azbil Group companies are presented. They have also been published in the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.

Note: Some of the information for March 2012 and earlier may use the former names of azbil Group companies.

Customer and Case Study Overview Products and Services
PT. Aspex Kumbong

PT. Aspex Kumbong

PT. Aspex Kumbong is a paper manufacturing company in Indonesia. In preparation for a likely rise in electricity rates, its Bogor Factory has been promoting energy conservation. After the factory received an energy conservation diagnosis, it started to use Japan’s advanced energy-saving technology. Compressor control and air piping at the Bogor Factory were reviewed and renovated, resulting in higher energy savings than expected.