Passing on masterpieces to the future
Passing on masterpieces to the future

Comprehensive sustainability approach for museums

Azbil definitely understands that one of the missions of a museum is to pass on historically valuable assets to the future. We support the mission by providing various solutions based on the latest technology and our years of experience.

Protecting collections and saving energy at the same time

Protecting collections and saving energy at the same time

Indoor environment must be precisely controlled to protect valuable collections housed in the museum. On the other hand, energy efficiency is nowadays increasingly demanded by society. Azbil satisfies these conflicting demands with its extensive knowledge of site operations.

Upgrade works never affect valuable collections

Upgrade works never affect valuable collections

Do you think that you have to move your stored artwork to a different place during the system upgrading? Having abundant experience and expertise in the air conditioning of museums, Azbil can suggest a way to carry out construction without moving the works of art.

Being your long-term partner

Being your long-term partner

Our relationship with you does not end with the installation of the equipment. Azbil carefully verifies its effectiveness and make additional proposals to achieve further energy efficiency based on the results, as your long-term partner.

Products and Services


State-of-the-art BMS that achieves energy efficiency, low running cost and fully-open architecture – an IoT answer from Japan.

Energy Solutions

Our energy solutions enhance your building energy performance and reduce running costs.


The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts

  • Project with university museum played a leading role in developing Japanese arts and culture.
  • Energy efficiency improved even beyond the initial target.
  • Achieved high level indoor environmental control for protecting collections.

Sakura City Museum of Art

  • 20-year-old equipment upgraded using ESCO project.
  • Temperature and humidity management, along with energy savings.
  • 146% of cost reduction goals was achieved.

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