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Based on its corporate philosophy, the azbil Group is actively working to realize a sustainable society and protect the global environment through its business activities. Our efforts include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To this end, we have established and disclosed the azbil Group's Basic Procurement Policy and CSR Procurement Guidelines, which serve as guidelines for specific initiatives. We ask our business partners to understand the purpose of these guidelines and to promote activities in line with them. We have published the "SDGs Supply Chain Annual Report," which summarizes the azbil Group's efforts over the past year, so please take a look at it.

August 2023
"SDG Supply Chain Annual Report (FY2022 version)" is now available.
June 2022
"SDG Supply Chain Annual Report (FY2021 version)" is now available.
June 2022
"The azbil Group Basic Procurement Policy" is now updated.
January 2022
"CSR Procurement Guidelines" is now available, and all of our business partners are able for viewing.
December 2021
Approximately 270 business partners attended the briefing session on the Azbil's SDGs initiatives and the CSR Procurement Guidelines.

Green Procurement

The azbil Group's efforts to preserve the Earth's environment through active procurement of ecologically friendly products

Policy on Conflict Minerals

The azbil Group's responsibility with regard to minerals from conflict-affected high-risk areas

SDG Supply Chain Annual Report

We are pleased to report on the azbil Group’s SDG initiatives in the supply chain.